Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Adeq =)


Hehe..Sementara tengah tunggu solat isya' ni saya 'update' blog jap. Hehe..

Ok, hari ni saya nak 'update' pasal satu sajak karya adik saya, Nur Arina Suhaila

Kanan sekali itulah adik saya


This sweet melody,
And I've strongly perfect in,
It is coupled sweet melody.

Just by looking at you,
I can't have the second look,
But, it is just in my mind.

This feeling is over weird,
When I'm be the melody,
And you just too sweet.

I want hurt no more,
Let's just be us two,
Honestly telling the truth.

This sweet melody,
Finally have this two,
And it is just perfect,
Sweet ending love story.

The end.

Actually, I don't really understand what she is trying to say. But, I am just post it here to appreciate her talent. I think she can go far but, she must has great effort to strengthen her skill. Hopefully, she can reach her dreams.
Dia karang benda ni masa 'on the way' nak ke Kuantan.*dapat idea time tu dalam kereta.
Kalau Allah nak bagi tu, kat mana-mana pun boleh!